New Year’s Eve Polish Wedding 6.0.
at Bistro Piast


insta wall, DJ and fireworks


beer, wine, vodka

350 zł per person

for the first 100 people

400 zł per person

regular price


Two-course dinner served to the table by waiters

Sourdough sour cream with black pudding croquette and caramelized onions with marjoram oil

Slow roasted beef in pepper sauce served with potato gratin and crisp salads with vegetables

Vegetarian option

Cream of beet with coconut milk and goat cheese

Ravioli with white cheese, potato and ricotta with chanterelle tapenade and benazet butter

II dinner served

Cheese roulade with chicken served on Silesian keys with hunter’s sauce

Vegetarian option

Silesian noodles with vegetarian hunter’s sauce and sausage plant

Hot dish served on a buffet

Cabbage rolls with tomato sauce

Bigos the Old Polish way

VEGETARIAN OPTION please notify at the time of booking in the mail.

Cold snacks served at the buffet

Planks of assorted cold cuts and sausages

Planks of assorted yellow, smoked and moldy cheeses

Herring marinated in cherry with red onion chutney

Marinated chicken satay with Indian curry and mango salsa

Burgers with jerked beef, pickled chili cucumber and cabbage salad

Voulaventy with mousse of blue cheese, leek and chili

Cheese tart with cranberries and almonds

Tacos with jerked duck and mango

Mixed salads with citrus dressing and chicken croquette

Salad with broccoli vegetables and egg

Natural sourdough bread

Drinks and alcohol served on the buffet – open bar

Coffee, Tea

Sparkling and still water

Fruit juices (orange, apple)


Draught beer – roll bar

White and red wine

Desserts served on the buffet

Mini puffs

Cupcakes with cream and fruit

Mini lemon tart with Italian meringue

Chocolate cake

Apple pie

At Midnight a glass of sparkling wine for everyone and a fireworks show!

Rules and regulations for ticket sales

To book a ticket for the New Year’s Eve POLSKIE WESELE 6.0. at Bistro Piast you should

The reservation phone works Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. – phone number 576 286 638. It is worth inquiring about available seats. Then you should:

1. send an email with the reservation to: in the title writing your name and surname and the number of seats you want to reserve

1.1 After sending an email, please expect an email confirming your reservation.

1.2 NOTE: the reservation from the moment of confirmation is valid for 3 days. At this time, please pay the fee.
E.g.. The confirmation email was received on 14.11. The reservation will be valid until 17.11 until midnight.

2 Ticket fee:

2.1 Cash:
At Bistro Piast, ul. Piastowska 47 from Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm
(by appointment with the manager)

2.2 By wire transfer:

Open Bar Limited Liability Company
ul. Piastowska 47
30-067 Kraków
Account no: PL88 1600 1013 1856 5340 5000 0001
Swift code: PPABPLPK
Transfer title: Bistro Piast – New Year’s Eve Ticket – name of person making the reservation – number of people

e.g. Bistro Piast – New Year’s Eve Ticket – Anna Kowalska – reservation – 2 people

3. The confirmation email will include information on ticket availability and price.

4 The order in which reservations are made counts.

5. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the ball in case of restrictions imposed by the State or for other important reasons. In this case, the purchased reservation is 100% refundable.
6. Number of seats limited.

7. All products in the form of unlimited, apply to the possibility of consumption only during the hours of the event 20:00-4:00

8. it is strictly prohibited to bring and consume their own alcohol.